the real Gay Map of the World
pinQmap - the real Gay Map of the World
pinQmap is a new crowdsourced Gay Map of the World. You can pinQ the places in your city or in the cities you have visited by yourself. This way pinQmap will grow over time. Currently Amsterdam, Stockholm, Barcelona, Sitges, Lisbon, Cologne, Boston, Vancouver, Provincetown, New York, Berlin, Miami and Key West are pinQed.
Characterics of pinQmap are:

mostly Men | Men only - where gay men meet gay men.

no Profiles - we may chat elsewhere.

no Reviews - they are subjective and get old.

only links to Website and Facebook - it contains recent information.

you can pinQ your own Places - you know your city/village best.

- Click on a pinQ to get information about that pinQ.
- Type a city / streetname in the legend to quickly zoom to that location.
- Use the scrollwheel, doubleclick or the controlbar to zoom in and out.
- Hold the (left) mouse button or use the controlbar to pan the map.
- Street View is available through the controlbar.

pinQmap is based in Amsterdam.
Google Maps does not work correctly in older browsers. If you don't see a map or if you face other problems with this map, first update your browser. Please be sure that you are not working in the Compatibility View of Internet Explorer.